Changelog - Theme Moddroid


NOTE: if you got "white blank" after update your post, try dont use "editor classic plugin" and check your host.

Please back up your theme when you are done customizing your theme, as errors in your themes are not the responsibility of the developers. if you got errors, Please Download on member area For Manual Upload


NOTE: If you have directly made changes to the files, the update will overwrite these changes. So, we recommend that you DO NOT make changes in this way. Alternatively you can use plugins that allow adding CSS, however we do not guarantee that the 'classes' or 'id' will change in future updates.

Manual update

Before updating anything, make sure you have backups.
  1. Download the theme by logging into your account login and see my license key
  2. Unzip the 'Moddroid' theme file.
  3. From your FTP account, replace all files within the 'Moddroid' folder found in the 'wp-content' directory.

Whats is Changes

v5.2 – 5/05/2022

  • adding on off setting hide latest post on home pages
  • adding new widget by modified post

v5.1 – 3/05/2022

  • fixed apk extractor sources apkdown
  • adding new apk extractor sources from apk-store and modcombo
  • fixed small issues

v5.0 – 21/04/2022

  • fixed apk extractor sources
  • adding setting for popular pages by popular range daily, weekly, Mountly, and Yearly
  • fixed small issues

v4.9 – 11/04/2022

  • fixed for featured image not showing

v4.8 – 7/04/2022

  • adding on off setting for download original playstore
  • fixed small issues

v4.7 – 31/03/2022

  • remove getmodsapk sources - apk extractor
  • fixed small issues

v4.6 – 26/03/2022

  • add featured background images
  • fixed background images

v4.5 – 12/03/2022

  • fixed apk extractor

v4.4 – 27/02/2022

  • fixed some bugs & styles

v4.3 – 7/02/2022

  • adding new styles

v4.2 – 3/02/2022

  • fixed errors on admin dashboard
  • fixed not save on panel themes

v4.1 – 30/01/2022

  • fixed styles for rtl mode
  • adding languanges for apk extractor
  • fixed apk extractor

v4.0 – 25/01/2022

  • fixed apk extractor
  • fixed download timer counts
  • add new download styles
  • add new source apk extractor

v3.9 – 28/12/2021

  • fixed small bugs
  • fixed rtl styles

v3.8 – 12/11/2021

  • add new styles
  • fixed small bugs

v3.7 – 28/10/2021

  • remove virus warning

v3.6 – 20/10/2021

  • add Support php version 8, now apk extractor version is 8.0
  • fixed small warning in php 8
  • add most post by developers
  • add reaction buttons emoticons

v3.5 – 09/10/2021

  • add Slider Home
  • fixed All Bugs

v3.4 – 28/9/2021

  • add RTL Mode
  • add Default image not founds

v3.3 – 22/9/2021

  • Fixed download page
  • Fixed not showing apk info if not apk post
  • add seo schemes options
  • add masking link options if you not use safelink
  • add robots noindex follow for download pages
  • Fixed table of contents... not showing if not heading

v3.2 – 20/9/2021

  • Add logo header optional
  • Fixed apk extractor

v3.1 – 4/8/2021

  • Add new sources apk extractor from rajaapk
  • Fixed apk extractor

v3.0 – 29/4/2021

  • Add Box Images Screenshots for manual
  • Add classic or new editor
  • Fixed for bugs
  • remove current post on related post

v2.9 – 25/3/2021

  • Add Automatic Table of Contents on Single and News Page
  • Fixed Fix for bugs

v2.8 – 18/3/2021

  • Fixed Bug Fixed for Download Pages Link

v2.7 – 14/3/2021

  • Adding for Safelink Pages
  • Adding New Editor Post to News Pages
  • Adding new sources for apk extractor from

v2.6 – 10/3/2021

  • Fixed bug fixed download page after insert put manual cant be click

v2.5 – 10/3/2021

  • Fixed bug fixed emoji and menu on mobile views
  • add box mod for single post

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